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The ALICE - Black Vegan Leather Multifunctional Bag for Women

C$149.99 Regular Price
C$119.99Sale Price
  • Designed in collaboration with influencer Sarah Couture, the ALICE stands out with its neat and refined appearance. ALICE is the larger version of the LILI. Having the same aesthetic, these models are, however, of different formats. Its slight curves give it an ultra-feminine and elegant look. Made from high-quality vegan leather, the bag is weather resistant to protect your precious contents. Its practical and versatile size allows you to carry all your belongings, including your 15-inch laptop (measured diagonally). The bag also includes numerous pockets for optimal and efficient storage. To completely open the bag, simply detach the press studs at the edge of the bag. Its multifunctional appearance will satisfy all your styles no matter the occasion. Go from across the body mode to backpack with a snap of your fingers, just pull on the two shoulder straps on the back of the bag and you’re done! The ALICE is a true ethical and without animal cruelty fashion accessory, designed by women, for women.

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