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Permanent Lip Makeup


Lip blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo with minimal healing time that gives a natural tinted lip colour. The tattoo ink that is used is water based. It enhances the natural lip colour, creates definition, the illusion of fullness and can improve the shape of the lips.
It is a slight flush of colour and is perfect for anyone that wishes that they could wake up with makeup. A minimum of two sessions is needed to accomplish your desired results.

Transform your lips with our luxurious lip blush treatment. Our semi-permanent makeup service enhances your natural beauty, g


LIP BLUSH (TOUCH UP INCLUDED)                              425$
TOUCH UP 12-24 MONTHS                      225$
TOUCH UP 24 MONTHS+                          300$
NEW CLIENT TOUCH UP                          350$
LIP NEUTRALIZATION+BLUSH.               475$


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