LightSheer is the gold standard in laser hair removal lasers. LightSheer is both comfortable and effective. It features two laser hair removaltechnologies; The High-Speed Vacuum Assisted Technology uses a unique vacuum mechanism that overrides sensory receptors in the skin with the sensation of pressure which reduces the sensation of heat during treatment.

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Upper Lip  50$

Chin 60$

 Beard 130$

 Neck 70$

 Full Face 130$

 Under Arms 60$

 Shoulders 100$

 Fingers  40$

 Half Arms 100$

 Full Arms 160$

Partial Back 140$

 Full Back 200$

 Chest 140$

 Navel Line  60$
Stomach 75$

 Bikini Line 70$ (Add Gluteal Fold +30$)

 Bikini Plus 90$, (Add Gluteal Fold +30$)

 Full Bikini   130$, (Add Gluteal Fold +30$)

 Gluteal Fold 70$

 Buttocks  100$

 Half Leg  180$

 Thighs  250$

 Full leg  325$

LightSheer DESIRE is a high speed permanent hair reduction with customized comfort. Its a safe and quick method of permanent hair growth reduction.