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Shoulder Massage

Massage Therapy


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage  80$

Swedish massage incorporates techniques used in many other types of massage, which gives you the chance to sample a variety and decide which you like best. This full body massage will relax your muscles and stimulate your circulatory system, improving lymphatic function and promoting blood flow back to your heart. By releasing tension in both your muscles and your central nervous system, this massage leaves you with a deep sense of well-being.


Reflexology 80$

This relaxing foot massage will soothe your tensions and improve blood circulation thanks to reflexology-inspired manipulations. Reflexology is a technique based on the idea that in every extremity are trigger areas, each corresponding to a specific body part. This massage provides a feeling of lightness.


Shiatsu  80$

Performed on table with the receiver wearing loose-fitting clothing, Shiatsu massage therapy is an ancient method of inducing relaxation and promoting healing. Pressure is applied to strategic points on the body to ensure the flow of vital energy, heal aches and pains and stimulate the natural healing process.

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