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  • Enhance your tan in an instant with the Body Shimmer! A glittery, silky and smooth body illuminator, enriched with Aloe Vera, avocado oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E to boost your glow. This sweet vanilla scented luxurious Body Shimmer will smoothen and brighten your skin in an instant.

    • Golden color
    • Even and illuminate skin tone
    • Easy to apply
    • Non-sticky and fast-drying
    • No transfer on clothing

    Follow these steps to achieve a gorgeous natural-looking glow!

    • Shake well prior use.
    • Use on hydrated and clean skin.
    • Dispense on your collarbones, arms, legs and shoulders.
    • Allow 5 minutes to dry-off before getting dressed.
    • Avoid contact with sensitive areas and eyes.
    • Wash your hands.


    Made to illuminate your skin instantly, the Body Shimmer will get you that dreamy glow. Enhance your tan and provide an extra highlight. Plus, it’s lightweight and dries in a few seconds only!The Body Shimmer gives the skin a sun kissed, golden complexion with a sparkling finish. Use it on clean and hydrated skin before you head out! 

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