Cet ensemble pour peau grasse acnéique sensible est choisi par notre master GM Collin. Si vous avez tendance à avoir une production excessive de sébum qui entraîne de l’acné, cet ensemble est fait pour vous.

Oily to Acne-Prone Sensitive Pack G.M Collin

C$307.00 Regular Price
C$279.00Sale Price
    • Puractive+ Cleansing Gel
      • Foaming and refreshing cleansing gel.
      • Removes excess sebum and impurities.
      • Complexion looks and feels supple, refreshed.
    • Deep Cleansing Solution
      • An in-depth, antimicrobial cleanser to dissolve embedded impurities and restore skin balance.
      • Refines the skin’s texture.
    • Sensiderm Treating Mist
      • A fragrance and alcohol-free moisturizing mist that provides a superior soothing effect.
      • Treats sensitive skin, thanks to its magical formula composed of honey and aloe vera extracts.
    • Active Exfoliant Powder
      • An invigorating triple-action exfoliating powder that combines gentle mechanical, enzymatic and chemical actions to remove dead cells. Formulated for daily use.
      • The skin is visibly soft, smooth, refreshed and the complexion illuminated.
    • Rosa Sea Gel-Cream
      • Use during the day 
      • A unique fragrance-free gel-cream formulated with ingredients to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.
      • Significantly decreases the appearance of redness and improves skin tone evenness.
      • Restores skin comfort.
    • Essential Oil Complex 
      • Ideal for to improve the look of localized blemishes and comedones.
      • The skin has a healthier look, is perfectly matte and soft to touch.