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  • Daily shampooing, heat styling, chemical processing, colouring and UV exposure all wreak havoc with hair strength, health and resilience. Over time, strands become brittle, dry and more susceptible to breakage – which is why we often reach for short-term synthetic cover-ups, which only exacerbate the problem. Oils and silicones are effective ‘quick fixes’ but only temporarily disguise the underlying damage – which is why Living Proof have developed a targeted range of reparative products, to fortify strands from the inside out. Their innovative silicone and oil-free solutions star the brand’s patented OFPMA – the proprietary technology that coats each individual hair with an ultra-thin, non-greasy shield that smooths, corrects and protects from root-to-tip, whilst re-establishing moisture balance and delivering UV and thermal protection up to 235°C. With regular use, hair is proven to become up to 20 x more resistant to split ends, as well as more glossy, lustrous and reassuringly envy-inducing.

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